(20 Pack) KN95 MASK Protection Against PM2.5 Dust
(20 Pack) KN95 MASK Protection Against PM2.5 Dust
(20 Pack) KN95 MASK Protection Against PM2.5 Dust
(20 Pack) KN95 MASK Protection Against PM2.5 Dust

(20 Pack) KN95 MASK Protection Against PM2.5 Dust

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  • the masks are for non medical use
  • Easy to Breath Through   
  • 20 Pcs per 1 Box   
  • Free Shipping in US

1. What Does KN95 Mean?

KN95 stands for the regulatory standard for filtering facepiece respirators that are certified in China. The regulatory standard refers to a design that ensures filtration efficiency, tight seal with the face as well as minimum leakage.

The certification is applied in terms of use against non-oily particulates, as well as the current use against the COVID-19.

It is important to mention that the requirements for a KN95 certification are almost the same as the requirements fo the US N95 filtering facepiece respirators.

That is why both KN95 and N95 provide the same levels of protection, according to international standards and certifications.

2. What Are KN95 Masks Made From?

The KN95 masks are multi-layer masks, that usually feature 5-layer protection. The layers are made from high-quality, nonwoven fabric, hot air cotton, and melt-blown fabric.

The nonwoven fabric is hydrophobic, and is water- and droplet-proof. Moreover, the hot air cotton is soft and ensures lower air velocity. Further layers ensure particle filtration and hypoallergenic materials, that are skin-friendly.

    3. How Long Can You Use A KN95 Mask?

    KN95 masks are manufactured and designed for one-time use. This means that each new use would require a new mask. However, because of the shortage of the N95 and KN95 masks, the CDC has recommended reusing of the disposable filtering facepiece respirators as a crisis capacity strategy.

    4. Is KN95 Mask Efficient?

    Efficient of KN95 and N95 mask

    KN95 masks are created to have at least 95% filtration efficiency, which makes them just as good as the N95 masks (97% filtration efficiency) and better than surgical masks (95% filtration efficiency) and PM 2.5 filter masks (approximately 60% filtration efficiency).

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